SEO is planned considering the data we have and not with assumptions. You need demographics and need to figure out how to get maximum traffic and audience to your site, and that’s when Google trends come into the picture. Every digital marketer knows how valuable Google trends are and that it’s a powerful tool that provides complete insight on people’s search and their search engine usage. Sure, when you know what people are looking for, you can undoubtedly know their demands too, and put your products or services in front of their eyes. Google trends work perfectly for eCommerce sites as they can be harnessed in any field and industry. Right [Local SEO Services] ( strategies will take you to your customers. Here we have put together some amazing tips on how to optimize your ecommerce site with Google trends to help you better.

5 Ways to optimize eCommerce website with Google Trends

1. What are your goals?

First things first. Many top companies set their annual or quarterly goals that involve both traffic and revenue. You can use Google trends to know your traffic’s shopping behavior and eventually plan out your revenue goals. This works as the fit strategy for eCommerce businesses, and yes, even the top eCommerce brands work out this trick. Also, never forget to validate your data- the more you search, the more you will be found.

2. Is your product trending?

As anSEO expert, it’s sort of challenging to find out the most trending product, especially if you have a specific niche. However, it’s easy to use Google’s new trends along with SEO on a high level, which will drive traffic and conversion rates to your sites. You have to set the trends according to the online demands of your niche. You can also create some good content on your product to make it rank on search engines.

3. Analyse and Optimize

Whether you are a business owner or a blogger, all you have to do is understand and analyzeyour customers' needs. With the use of Google trends, you can reach out to people with the best SEO strategies. Ensure that you use exact keywords and optimize it well- of course, Google Keywords planner works the best! Search for the products relevant to your eCommerce business and then apply strategies to lead customers to your site.

5. Marketing campaigns

You can publish content as per the calendar while updating the old posts keeping the trends in mind. Marketing campaigns work great, too, when blended with Google trends. It’s easy, as you just have to filter the location and target the keywords according to the insights you have from Google trends. You sure might have heard about geo-marketing that will help you to boost traffic and conversions. Targeted campaigns often work as the best strategy to drive the audience to the site, and of course, such campaigns are relatively easier to set.

7. Know your competitors

How to know or spy on the competitors? Obviously, you don’t have to hire a private detective and watch your competitors; instead, Google trends will do that job for you. You can get insights and data on your competitor’s popularity, know their strategies, and upkeep yourself according to them. However, if you see your competitors are more popular than you, you have to start approaching different SEO efforts.


Yes, and there you have got it all covered, finally! You can use this remarkable tool and reach your audience in no time. Indeed, it might seem a little challenging at first, but you can execute your SEO skill sets. Once you start using Google trends more accurately, you can win the market and soon reach the top with the eCommerce business. Not many SEO professionals know how to use Google trends smartly, but you never follow the herd- choose your own way!

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